Pet Aloe Gel 300mg CBD


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Have a pet with allergies, hot spots, rashes, or other conditions that leaves their skin red, itchy, and inflamed? MediPrana’s high-quality, full-spectrum, CBD Pet Aloe Gel, infused with lavender and tea tree oils for added benefits, will soothe your pet’s skin while also helping to strengthen the immune system and provide calming relief to your favorite four-legged friend. Our Pet Aloe Gel is safe to apply to your pet’s skin and will not harm them if they ingest small amounts but try to discourage your pet from licking the affected area so that their skin can recover.

Our product includes:

• 300mg CBD oil in a soothing aloe gel
• Zero high
• Lavender essential oil is a flea and mosquito repellent and creates a calming effect
• Tea Tree oil is antimicrobial, anti-fungal and discourages pets from licking

Ideal for:
• Pets with irritated skin from allergies, hot spots, and more
• Minor scratches, abrasions, rashes
• Handy pet first aid to keep on hand for traveling or for home use
• Reducing discomfort or pain in your pet

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